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Folder 740 PBX - All Documentation*

*BSPs are located in the BSP section

Folder 750 PBX - All Documentation

Note that applicable BSPs can be found in the BSP section under the 748-xxx-xxx division.

Folder 755 PAX - All Documentation

Note that applicable BSPs are filed under the "BSP" section in the 550-xxx-xxx division.

Folder SD-CD-33013-i4D-No1_350A_355A_360A_35-E-97_200_Point_Linefinder_Trunk_Finder_3-Wire

Step-by-Step Systems, No.1, 350A, 355A, 360A, or 35-E-97 200 Point Line or Trunk Finder 3 Wire

Folder SD-CD-65680-505-506-507-Switchboards

Applicable BSPs can be found in the 536-xxx-xxx Division

Folder WEco Switching Documents

General and introductory info on topics including Manual, Step-by-Step (SxS), Panel, Crossbar (Xbar) and ESS.


pdf WECo 551-A 551-B PBX SWBDs Wiring

By 59 downloads

Download (pdf, 4.47 MB)


WECo 551-A 551-B PBX SWBDs Wiring

Contributed by Fred Haynes.  Processed by Clint Gilliland.

pdf WEco Capacitor Fuse Lamp Reference Ocr R Popular

By 765 downloads

Download (pdf, 3.22 MB)


WEco Capacitor Fuse Lamp Reference Ocr R

Contributed by Steve Cichorsky. 

pdf WECo COMAS Popular

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Computer Maintenance and Administration Support.

pdf WECo-701A-711A-Dial PBX Bc Popular

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Download (pdf, 669 KB)

WECo-701A-711A-Dial PBX_bc.pdf

WECo-701A-711A-Dial PBX Bc

Includes SD-80643-011 5D Ringing Circuit, SD-66359-011 9D Selector Circuit, SD-66384-011 19D Misc. Alarm Circuit, SD-66410-011 Linefinder Circuit, SD-66413-011 16D Connector Circuit, SD-66414-011 9D Station Line Circuit, and SD-66607-011 4D Trunk Circuit.

pdf Wire Spring Relays AF AG AJ AK X75509 Aug62

By 66 downloads

Download (pdf, 11.09 MB)


Wire Spring Relays AF AG AJ AK X75509 Aug62

August 1962, 153 pages.  Replaced previous version.  Contributed by Steve Flocke. Scanning and OCR by John Novack.

pdf X-64282-i2-Transmission Measuring Equipment Popular

By 647 downloads

Download (pdf, 3.37 MB)


X-64282-i2-Transmission Measuring Equipment

Scanned and Contributed by Paul Wills.

KS-5472 1000 Cycle Machine

J94002 Sending Panel

9A Transmission Measuring Set

12A Transmission Measuring Set

J94020A Transmission Measuring Set

Loss Measuring Equipment

Gain Measuring Equipment

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