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Coin Service Manual I3 Dec72 TOC

From Coin Service Manual, Issue 3, December 1972.  Extracted by Sam Etler.

Table of Contents (TOC)

506-100-101 Coin Telephone Stations - Backboards
506-100-103 Coin Telephone Stations - Tools, Gauges, and Materials
506-100-105 Coin Level Detector - Identification, Installation, Connections, Operation, and Maintenance - Coin Telephone Stations
506-100-106 Coin Telephone Stations - Dial Tone First - Multislot
506-100-110 Coin Telephone Stations - Coin Hopper Vane Replacement
506-100-130 Coin Test Line Circuit
506-101-400 Service - Security Devices
506-215-400 Subscriber Sets 634A,BA; 684A,BA - Common Battery - Induction Coil Type Used With Coin Collectors - Connections
506-215-401 Subscriber Sets - 634BC and 684BC - Common Battery - Induction Coil Type Used With Coin Collectors - Connections
506-215-402 Subscriber Sets - 634CG, CH, CK, CL; 684CK, CL - Common Battery - Induction Coil Type - Connections
506-215-403 685A Subscriber Sets - Used With Coin Collectors - Connections
506-215-404 Subscriber Sets - 685B Used With Coin Collectors - Connections
506-310-100 Reference - Coin Collectors - Subscriber Set Required
506-310-101 Reference - Coin Collectors - 235-, 236-, and 1235-Type
506-330-404 Service - Coin Collectors, Subscriber Set Required - 190 Series
506-330-405 Service - Coin Collectors, Subscriber Set Required - 200 and 210 Series
506-330-406 Service - Coin Collectors, Subscriber Set Required - 220 Series
506-330-407 Service - Coin Collectors, Subscriber Set Required - 230 Series
506-331-400 Service - Coin Collectors, Subscriber Set Required - 1230 Series
506-342-400 Service - Coin Collectors - 235- and 1235-Type
506-342-401 Service - Coin Collectors - 236-Type
506-410-400 1A/2A, 1C/2C, and 1E Types - Coin Telephone Sets
506-411-401 Service - Coin Telephone Sets - 1C- and 2C-Type
506-412-402 Service - Coin Telephone Sets - 1E-Type
508-100-100 Electric Grounding and Wiring Requirements - Booths - Metal
508-100-101 Booth and Shelf Cleaning
508-122-100 Coin Telephone Shelf - KS-20194 - Identification, Installation, and Maintenance
508-126-100 KS-20630 Booth - Indoor
508-201-100 Indoor Booth - KS-19340 Wood
508-202-100 Indoor Booths - KS-19206 Curved Door
508-204-100 Indoor Booth - KS-19442 Deluxe Glass
508-251-100 Coin Telephone Shelf - KS-19267
508-253-100 KS-19945 Small Talk Public Services Telephone Shelf - Identification, Installation, and Maintenance
508-300-100 Indoor-Outdoor Booth - KS-16797 Universal
508-301-100 Indoor-Outdoor Booth - KS-19425 Universal II
508-401-100 KS-14611 Airlight Outdoor Booth - Identification, Installation, Maintenance, and Conversion
508-402-100 KS-19580 Airlight II and IIA Telephone Booths - Identification, Installation, and Maintenance
508-430-100 KS-20255 Telephone Kiosk (Diamond Kiosk)
508-451-100 Walk-Up, Drive-Up Public Telephones - KS-19426 Mounting
508-452-100 KS-20842 Sentry Public Telephone Enclosure - Single and Double - Identification and Installation
508-710-102 KS-20030 Directory Hangers and KS-21435 Directory Facility - Identification, Installation, and Maintenance
508-811-100 KS-19928 Card Frame - Identification and Installation
508-820-100 KS-19207 Light and Blower Unit - Identification, Installation, and Maintenance
508-825-100 KS-19261 Type Light Control Units - Identification and Installation

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