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pdf 501-000-000 I33 Popular

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501-000-000 I33
Contributed by Sam Etler .

pdf 501-000-000 I68 Popular

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501-000-000 I68
Contributed by Sam Etler .

pdf 501-000-000 I71 Popular

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501-000-000 I71
Contributed by Sam Etler .

pdf 501-000-000-i33-Index Tl Popular

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pdf 501-000-000-i68-Index Tl Popular

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pdf 501-000-000-i71-Index Tl Popular

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pdf 501-110-100 I5 Popular

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501-110-100 I5

Contributed by Russ Kirk.

pdf 501-110-100 i5 Jun70 Apparatus Blanks - Identification Tl Popular

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501-110-100 i5 Jun70 Apparatus Blanks - Identification Tl

Issue 5, June 1970

pdf 501-120-100 I11 Popular

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501-120-100 I11
[Extracted from KSSM, i6, July 1980 by Sam Etler]

pdf 501-120-100 I12 Popular

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501-120-100 I12

Contributed by Russ Kirk.

pdf 501-120-100-i10-Reference-Buzzers-and-Bells Tl Popular

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pdf 501-120-400-i3-Buzzers-and-Bells Tl Popular

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pdf 501-130-100 I6 Popular

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501-130-100 I6

Contributed by Russ Kirk.

pdf 501-130-100-i6-Capacitors-Identification Tl Popular

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pdf 501-135-100 i4 Oct 80 - Networks Popular

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501-135-100 i4 Oct 80 - Networks

Issue 4, October 1980.  Includes 425, 4010 and 4228 types.  Searchable. Contributed by Russ Kirk.

Terminal layout and schematic drawings for 425D, 425E, 425F, 425J, 425K, 4010B, 4010C, 4010D, 4010E, 4228a, 4228F, 4228M, 4228P, 4228S, 4228U, 4228AA, 4228AC, 4228B, 4228G, 4228K, 4228L, 4228N, 4228T, 4228AD, 4228C, 4228D, 4228E, 4228J, 4228R, 4228W and 4228AB.

pdf 501-135-100-i4-Networks Tl Popular

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501-135-100-i4-Networks Tl
Image file.  Not searchable.

pdf 501-136-100 i3 Jun68 - Station Transformers Popular

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501-136-100 i3 Jun68 - Station Transformers

Issue 3, June 1968.  Includes 393A, 2012A, 2012B, 2075A, 2186A, KS-5714, KS-16886 and KS-16940 transformers.  From New England Telephone Station Installation Handbook, June 1969.  Extracted by Sam Etler.

pdf 501-136-100 I7 Popular

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501-136-100 I7

Contributed by Russ Kirk.

pdf 501-136-100-i5-Station-Transformers-Identification Tl Popular

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pdf 501-136-100-i6-Station-Transformers Tl Popular

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