Folder BSP Categories by early Letter Code (by Doc #)


Alphanumeric codes, used from about 1930 until the early 1960s.


Folder AA-Series - Equipment Engineering
Folder B-Series - PBX Installation and Maintenance
Folder C Series - Station Installation and Maintenance
Folder G-Series - Outside Plant
Folder M-Series - Plant


pdf 4A 4M Xbar SC-OS-RM (1791 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 21.69 MB)
pdf A128.819 I5 (1689 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 381 KB)
pdf A128.820 Toll Switchboard No. 3C or 3CL, Issue 1, April 1950 - Charts (1753 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 4.07 MB)
pdf A128.820 Toll Switchboard No. 3C or 3CL, Issue 1, April 1950 - Checking List (1696 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 104 KB)
pdf A217.122 I7 May58 - Selector Oper Test Using Test Set Step A218.220 A252.001 Ocr R (664 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 407 KB)
pdf A702.625 I1 Mar63 23A Trans Measuring Set Desc E40.208 Ocr (666 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 632 KB)
pdf AB43.910-3 AppA IA Jul50 500-Set Loop Design Tables 1950 Ocr (853 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 640 KB)
pdf AB47.007 I1 Mar56 Bell System Capacitors (1148 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 1.94 MB)
pdf E34.061 I5 K1 Carrier Telephone Terminal R (95 downloads) Download (pdf, 1.16 MB)
pdf E44.062 I1 Type K Carrier Ocr R (80 downloads) Download (pdf, 2.16 MB)
pdf H-85950-Office-Alarm-Circuit (1793 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 4.47 MB)

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