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Contributed by Steve Cichorsky.

Includes: Telephones; Type 80 Desk phone, Type 90 Wall phone, Type 182 Starlite phone, Type 183 Space-Maker phone, Type 80-T Sound-Booster phone, Type 860A Call Commander phone, Type 87 Multi-Line phone, Type 86 Key phone, Type 86A Key Adapter, Type 85 Multi-Line phone, Outdoor phone, Type 900 Magneto phone, Type 880 Speakerphone-Executive Model, Type 88-AT Conversion Set, Operator's Headset, Hazardous Location phone, Railroad phones, Accessories, Dials; Dials, Dial Parts & Tools, Ringers & Auxiliary Signals; High Impedance Ringers, Loud-Ringing Bells, Neon Signal Lights, Type 33 Compact Ringer Box, Telechime, Recorders & Announcers; Electronic Secretary, Electronic Sentry, Paystations; Paystations, Accessories & Booths, Special Services, Executive Quick-Call Service, Message Waiting Service, Secretarial Answering Unit, Subscriber Transfer Service, Electrowrite

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