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SC Catalog 1942 pp 07-29 - Telephone Sets

Stromberg Carlson Handset Telephones

1222, 1223 and 1224.
1212 w/AECo or North Dials
1197, 1198 and 1202
1211 Handset Wall Telephone
1201 Handset Telephone (Spacesaver Style)
Type 15, 19 and 20 Handsets
1155 and 1157 Wall Telephones (Hotel Style)
1182 and 1208 Desk Stands
1230 Desk Set Boxes (see 1223 Handset Wiring Diagram)
1156, 1158 and 1226 Desk Set Boxes
1217-A, 1218-A, W-1218-A, 1219-A, 1220-A Chime Signal Boxes (Desk Set Boxes- anti-side-tone)
896 Wall Type Magneto Telephone (Wood)
D-2843 and D-2844 Handset Type Magneto Wall Telephone (Wood)

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