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pdf Coin Collectors, 150-161 Tl Popular

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Coin Collectors, 150-161 Tl

Coin Collectors, 150 G, H - 161 A, B, C, D

pdf Coin Collectors, 150h Tl Popular

By 848 downloads

Coin Collectors, 150h Tl

Coin Collectors, 150H-10 Housing on 50H Backplate

pdf Coin Collectors, 181 Tl Popular

By 865 downloads

Coin Collectors, 181 Tl

Coin Collectors, 181 Type

pdf Coin Collectors, 236 Tl Popular

By 983 downloads

Coin Collectors, 236 Tl

Coin Collectors, 236G Connection Diagram

pdf Coin Collectors, 506-500-100-i3 Tl Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.36 MB)


Coin Collectors, 506-500-100-i3 Tl

Coin Collectors, 10A and 20A Coinless Telephone Set (BSP)

pdf Coin Collectors, 50afgh Tl Popular

By 857 downloads

Coin Collectors, 50afgh Tl

Coin Collectors, 50 A, F, G or H

pdf Coin Collectors, 7typecc Tl Popular

By 708 downloads

Coin Collectors, 7typecc Tl

Coin Collectors, 7 Type. For four party service using a 295R Subset and 20AE Desk Stand.

pdf Coin Collectors, Cheight Tl Popular

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Coin Collectors, Cheight Tl

Coin Collectors, Typical Heights above Floor

pdf Coin Collectors, We230685a Tl Popular

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Coin Collectors, We230685a Tl

Coin Collectors, 230, 233 (C, D, G, H) and 234G using 685A Subscriber Set. See 685A Subset below.

pdf Coin Collectors, We230685b Tl Popular

By 1161 downloads

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Coin Collectors, We230685b Tl

Coin Collectors, 230, 233 (C, D, G, H) and 234G using 685B Subscriber Set. See 685B Subset below.

pdf Coin Instruction Cards - Prepay and Postpay Popular

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Download (pdf, 358 KB)

Prepay and Postpay Coin Instruction Cards.pdf

Coin Instruction Cards - Prepay and Postpay
STKR-PP: STOP  Do not deposit coins until called party answers.  PREPAY 0 & 411: Lift receiver, deposit dime, Listen for dial tone...   Contributed by Steve Cichorsky.

pdf WE Single Slot - 29A - Locks and Keys Assignment List - 2014 Popular

By 239 downloads

Download (pdf, 110 KB)


WE Single Slot - 29A - Locks and Keys Assignment List - 2014

Includes Lock Number, Key and Lock Comcodes.  Please send additions or corrections. Compiled by Paul Vaverchak.  Contributed by John Novack.

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