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Please help us find and archive copies of all telephony documents.  Even if your document looks similar to one in the Library, check to see if it might be a different printing (year, issue number, etc.).  Contents were often changed from edition to edition, so we prefer to store copies of them all.

Currently, an administrator must upload any new files. Send a brief note describing your contribution using the "Contact Us" link in the Menu Bar. An administrator will respond with further instructions on how to send the files.

Please include a brief description for each file:

DESCRIPTION: It helps if each file is accompanied with a short text description (a few sentences max) including appropriate keywords. This is added to the on-line description so the file will be found by common searches.

FILE FORMAT: .pdf files scanned at a minimum of 300 dpi are preferred. Good quality documents in other formats are also welcome. Bookmarks and OCR are helpful, especially for large documents.

Please save any pdfs so they are compatible with Acrobat 5.

FILENAMES: To make life easier for Library users who download files to their personal systems, filenames should contain several relevant keywords separated by underscores. Common abbreviations help keep filenames short.

Please avoid spaces and special characters other than underscore, hyphen and period in filenames, as they confuse some sort or backup programs. Use hyphens and periods only where used in manufacturer document numbers and underscores everywhere you'd normally see a space. Use "i" instead of spelling out "Issue" to save space. Please abbreviate dates in MmmYY format (unless the date is also important) to conserve space. If only the year is known, please show all 4 digits (YYYY, e.g. 1927).

For example, for BSPs and similar technical reference archives, use a filename indicating the Document number_Issue Number_Date_Brief Title:

  • C38.902NY_iB_Feb60_Wall_Receiver_Amp.pdf
  • C38.904NY_iA_Oct58_Keysets_Receiver_Amp.pdf
  • 512-730-400_i4_Sep79_4A_Speakerphone_Connections.pdf

For documents, use Date_Publication Name_Start page_Article Title (abbreviated). For example:

  • 65jun_BLR_p214_No1_ESS.pdf
  • 60nov_BSTJ_p1381_Signaling_Systems.pdf
  • 68jan_BTM_p16_Innovate.pdf

This way when files are downloaded the file indexes are sorted to allow browsing by document number/date.

Notes: BLR = Bell Laboratories Record, BTM = Bell Telephone Magazine, etc.


A small number of files can be sent to an administrator by email.  Individual files up to slightly over 20MB have been successfully sent by email.

For large files or batches of files, posting them temporarily to an FTP site is preferable. Send an email to an administrator including instructions and passwords, if needed, to access your FTP site. We may be able to provide a temporary FTP folder or other temporary storage for uploads.

Your contributions are appreciated. Contact us using the "Contact Us" link for details.

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Thanks for new documents from David Gruger, Jeff Lamb, Walt Aydelotte, Dennis Hock, Steve Flocke, Paul Wills, Sam Etler, Fred Haynes, John Novack, Clint Gilliland, Steve Cichorsky and Karl Brose.

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