The TCI Library would not be possible without the contributions of those who provided the scans of the documents and schematics that make up the library. Without those contributions, such a collection would be impossible.

We would like to thank the following people for their advice, help and/or contributions:

Tom Adams, Doug Alderdice, Dietrich Arbenz, Walt Aydelotte, Chuck Batson, Gerhard Baumgartner, Robert Bell, Arthur P. Bloom, Karl Brose, Ed Burnett, Steve Cichorsky, Roger Conklin, Paul Coxwell, Alan David, Debbie/Dewdrop, Jim Decker, Vin DiJohn, Charlie Dunne, Remco Enthoven, Bob Estreich, Sam Etler, Paul Fassbender, John Fehl, Steve Flocke, Gerhard Fuchs, Larry Garnatz, Gordon Gerdes, John Gilbert, Clint R. Gilliland, Greg Goebel, Gary Goff, Alan Goldberg, David Goodman, Dave Gruger, Sam Hallas, Martin Harriss, Fred Haynes, Jim Haynes, Chuck Hensley, Ross Herbert, Steve Hilsz, Dave Hunter, Dennis Hock, JKL Museum, Ian Jones, Harry Joseph, Wayne Junop, Alexandre Kampouris, Ron Kay, Steph Kerman, Russ Kirk, Bobby Koch, Ray Kotke, Jeff Lamb, Bruce Lane, Louis Maffei, Mike Magnus, John Marshall, David Massey, Wayne Merit, John Mulrane, Mike Neale, John Novack, Paul Pafford, Doug Pavlichek, Jerry Petrizze, LienAnh Pham, Mark Phillips, Jim Prather, Laurence Rudolf, Jack Ryan, Eric Salter, Richard Schipper, Erik Schull, Jeff Seidel, David Shtaida, John Sichert, Johathan Sowers, John Stancliff, Craig Stanowski, Jim Stettler, Kenneth "Stub" Stubblefield, Perry Tipperreiter, Greg Turgeon, Jan Verhelst, Rick Walsh, Jeremy Walters, Nathaniel Watson, Erick Waugus, Paul Wills, Bill Wright, Michael Young and Peter Z.  and others.

We apologize in advance if we overlooked anyone.

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Thanks for new documents from Jeff Lamb, Chuck Hensley, John Novack, Paul Fassbender, Clint Gilliland, Steve Cichorsky, John Gilbert, Chuck Batson, Alan David, Steve Flocke, Paul Wills, Dave Gruger, Jim Prather, John Stancliff and Sam Etler.

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