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Bell Laboratories Record Magazine

Bell Laboratories Record Magazine ( 278 Files )

See Chuck Hensley's comprehensive index to articles in the BLR in the folder below.  It can be used to locate articles to research, whether found in the TCI LIbrary or elsewhere.

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Date added: 02/12/2010
Date modified: 02/12/2010
Filesize: 214.52 kB
Downloads: 728

Telephone Serves The Army ~ WWII Telephone Serves The Army ~ WWII

Date added: 02/05/2010
Date modified: 02/05/2010
Filesize: 7.65 MB
Downloads: 852

WECo 2500 Parts Number WECo 2500 Parts Number

Date added: 02/04/2010
Date modified: 02/04/2010
Filesize: 275.44 kB
Downloads: 910

Molded Telephone Apparatus Design Molded Telephone Apparatus Design

Date added: 02/03/2010
Date modified: 02/03/2010
Filesize: 1.33 MB
Downloads: 732

"Grooved handset article" from Bell Laboratories Record March, 1939? Vol. XVII No. 7

by T S Huxman, Insulating Materials Development

Pentagon PBX ~ 1942 Pentagon PBX ~ 1942

Date added: 01/25/2010
Date modified: 04/05/2011
Filesize: 1.47 MB
Downloads: 1588
November 28, 1942, Telephony (special issue).  "World's biggest PBX" serves 20,000 phones.  Only 10 jacks per 100 lines.  (Contributed by Steve Cichorsky.)

Aids For Special Needs Mountain Bell Aids For Special Needs Mountain Bell

Date added: 01/24/2010
Date modified: 01/24/2010
Filesize: 7.72 MB
Downloads: 940

Aids for Special Needs

Mountain Bell's Special Needs Center; Denver Colorado

The services and equipment described in this booklet were
specially designed to help make telephone use easier for our customers
with a hearing, speech, sight or motion impairment.

Manual Switchboards Manual Switchboards

Date added: 01/07/2010
Date modified: 01/07/2010
Filesize: 1.21 MB
Downloads: 1080

500 Set Design - 1949 500 Set Design - 1949

Date added: 11/19/2009
Date modified: 06/06/2012
Filesize: 1.44 MB
Downloads: 1233
Notes on the Discussions at the Conference of Bell System Lecturers, May 1949.  Detailed description of the new 500 set -- features and internal components. Introduction year.  Interesting speculations on possible future directions.

1977 021B Terminology - Bell System Training 1977 021B Terminology - Bell System Training

Date added: 11/11/2009
Date modified: 11/12/2009
Filesize: 5.01 MB
Downloads: 828

171 pages.? Provides a reference to common terms used in the 021 series of courses.? Marked for internal use within the Bell System.

Topics include: CO Equipment, Apparatus, Equipment, Cable & Wiring, Engineering Aids, References (e.g. Standards, Technical Design Manual, BSPs), and Ordering Apparatus.

1948 NYC (New York City) Exchange Areas 1948 NYC (New York City) Exchange Areas

Date added: 11/11/2009
Date modified: 11/11/2009
Filesize: 59.03 kB
Downloads: 692

1938 Kearny Works Open House - Telephone Review 1938 Kearny Works Open House - Telephone Review

Date added: 10/28/2009
Date modified: 11/11/2009
Filesize: 1.81 MB
Downloads: 776

"Thousands Visit Kearney's Wonder Workshop," Telephone Review, Dec 38, Starts on page 7.

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