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Welcome to the TCI Library INBOX

The Inbox was created to provide a temporary home for files being discussed on the TCI Listserv that have not been added to the Library's database. 

The Inbox provides instant access to all with unlimited download capability, and is a free and freely available alternative to limited file sharing services such as TransferBigFiles.

How the Inbox Works


  Filling the INBOX

  • Steph monitors Listserv posts for files shared using services that have limits on the number of downloads or expire at a set time.

  • If Steph downloads the file within the limit, he uploads it to the Inbox, making it available to others for unlimited downloads.

  • Therefore, there is no reason for anyone to scramble to be one of the first 20.  In fact even though Steph watches vigilantly, people scrambling to be one of the 20 just increase the risk that *he won't be* one of the 20 and won't be able to put it in the Inbox.


    Emptying the INBOX

  • Usually, soon after the original version is in the Inbox, depending on his available time, Clint will put a smaller more optimized text searchable OCRed version of large files here or in the main Library, with the letters “ocr” appended to the filename.  So it might be worthwhile in many cases for people to wait for the OCRed versions.
  • As their time permits, Paul F or others move the contents of the Inbox to permanent locations in the library itself, adding more detailed titles and descriptions and searchable through the Search system. 

  • Files moved to the Library are deleted from the Inbox.

[Note that most files contributed to the TCI Library are not posted to the Inbox first, but are entered directly to the Library.]


Steve C. posts scans directly to the Steve-C INBOX.  Files moved to the Library are deleted from the Steve-C INBOX.

Please send any questions or comments: use "Contact Us" in the Library's Menu Bar.


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