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pdf Australian Telephone News Popular

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Australian Telephone News.pdf

pdf Autodial, T I Popular

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Autodial, t_i_.pdf

pdf Bataan ~ Signal Corps WWII Popular

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Bataan ~ Signal Corps WWII.pdf

pdf BC Telephone Truck Infraview Popular

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BC Telephone Truck infraview.pdf

pdf Bermuda Telecom Report Popular

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Bermuda Telecom Report.pdf

pdf Cellular RSAs Popular

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Cellular RSAs.pdf

pdf Document Scanning - Best Practices Popular

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Document Scanning - Best Practices

Frank shares his recommended process and scanning setting, while introducing scanning concepts, common file types and suggested file naming conventions.  Contributed by Frank Harrell.

pdf Don Britton ~ James D' Amato Popular

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Don Britton ~ James D' Amato.pdf

pdf Flat Rocks Blast Wrecked Phone Building - Feb 1948 Popular

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Flat Rocks Blast Wrecked Phone Building - Feb 1948
From Detroit Times, page 22C. Contributed by Steve Cichorsky.

pdf Hotel Astor Telephone Plant Popular

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Hotel Astor Telephone Plant.pdf

pdf Joe Engressia Popular

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Joe Engressia.pdf

pdf Joybubbles Popular

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pdf Kellogg Brazilian Switchboard Popular

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Kellogg Brazilian Switchboard.pdf

pdf Lynch Popular

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pdf Map - Telephone Operations in Europe - ITT & others - ca 1930 Popular

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Map - Telephone Operations in Europe - ITT & others - ca 1930
Includes ITT, L. M. Ericsson, other private companies, government operated and mixed government/private categories.  Contributed by Steve Cichorsky.

pdf Mexico- Telephone System Popular

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Mexico- Telephone System.pdf

pdf New York City Power System in 1923 Popular

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New York City Power System in 1923
From the May 26, 1923 issue of Electrical World magazine.  Bookmarked articles include: Character of Metropolitan Service, Edison and United Companies' System, Alternating Current in New York, Phenomenol Growth in Brooklyn, and Diversified Service in New Jersey.  (Scan provided by Steve C.)

pdf NYC Municiple Building Popular

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NYC Municiple Building.pdf

pdf NYHQ 022007 Popular

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NYHQ 022007

Verizon 140 West St Building

pdf Parkfield Central Office And 1966 Earthquake Popular

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Parkfield Central Office and 1966 Earthquake.pdf

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